fun, friendships, adventure—guiding for girls

Local groups of Girl Guides are referred to as Guide Districts. Within Districts, Girl Guides are divided into four age groups—or ‘Units’—to ensure activities are age-appropriate. Girls aged 5–7 are Pre-junior Guides; 7–10 are Junior Guides; 10–14 are Guides; and 14–18 are Senior Guides.

Units generally meet weekly during the school term. They play games, progress through challenges and earn badges, all of which are steered by the principles of the Australian Guide Program.

As girls progress through the program and become more independent and capable they provide more and more input into how their own Guide Unit is run. By Senior Guides, the Guide Leader has a facilitation role but allows the girls to direct their own Guide program. 

Throughout the year, there are loads of exciting events open to Girl Guides – including hiking trips, visual and performing arts camp, sailing school and an annual sleepover under the stars. Find out more about upcoming events.